Dynotile Matador Red Edging Profile


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305mm x 45mm x 9.5mm

Dynotile Matador Red Edging Profile

Enhance Your Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles with Edging Solutions

Complete the polished look of your garage floor with our premium edging solutions designed specifically for interlocking garage floor tiles. Our edging options not only add a professional finish to your garage but also provide essential protection for the edges of your floor tiles, preventing them from chipping or becoming damaged over time.

Crafted from the same durable materials as our interlocking garage floor tiles, our edging pieces are engineered to seamlessly integrate with your flooring system. Our edging solutions are designed to fit snugly, ensuring a clean and cohesive appearance throughout your garage.

With a variety of colours available, you can choose edging that perfectly complements your garage floor tiles, whether you prefer a sleek and modern look or a more traditional aesthetic. Our edging options are easy to install and require minimal maintenance, allowing you to enjoy your garage floor with confidence for years to come.

Don’t let unfinished edges detract from the beauty of your garage floor. Invest in our premium edging solutions today and take your garage to the next level of style and functionality.

Dynotile Matador Red Edging Profile to match our Matador Red interlocking garage floor tile.

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Matador Red



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