Dynotile Feather Foam Underlay (Per M2)


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Introducing Dynotile Feather Foam Underlay, the ultimate solution for enhancing the comfort and durability of your garage floor. Crafted with precision and innovation, this underlay is designed to revolutionize your flooring experience, whether you’re renovating your garage or upgrading your commercial space.

Featuring advanced foam technology, Dynotile Feather Foam Underlay offers unparalleled cushioning and support underfoot, ensuring maximum comfort with every step. Say goodbye to the discomfort of hard flooring surfaces and hello to a softer, more luxurious feel throughout your space.

But comfort is just the beginning. Our underlay is engineered for superior durability, providing a robust foundation for your flooring that withstands daily wear and tear with ease. Dynotile Feather Foam Underlay acts as a protective barrier, prolonging the life of your floors and preserving their pristine appearance for years to come.

Not only does our underlay enhance comfort and durability, but it also offers exceptional sound insulation properties, reducing noise transfer between floors and creating a quieter, more peaceful environment in your garage, home or workplace.

Its lightweight and flexible design allows for easy handling and seamless integration with your flooring system. Plus, its moisture-resistant properties provide added peace of mind, protecting your floors from damage caused by spills or moisture infiltration.

Choose Dynotile Feather Foam Underlay and elevate your flooring experience to new heights. Whether you’re upgrading your garage, a single room or transforming an entire space, trust in the quality and performance of Dynotile to deliver unparalleled comfort, durability, and style.

Priced per m2 – allow 1m2 for every 10no Dynotiles.

Note: Do not use near naked flames or in areas exposed to high temperatures.

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