Help & Advice

Are there any restrictions on the use of Dynotile?

Dynotiles are specifically designed for use as domestic garage flooring. Being a thermoplastic material, Dynotile will expand and contract along with the temperature fluctuations within the garage. For domestic garages up to 33' (10mtr) x 25' (7.5mtr) in floor area (800ft2 - a typical triple car garage), this expansion can be accommodated around the perimeter of the floor and hidden with an optional skirting if required.

What effect will direct sunlight have on my new floor?

Customers should note that prolonged sunlight hitting only part of the finished Dynotile floor (either at the door opening or through an unshaded window) will cause the tiles exposed to this sunlight to expand at a greater rate to those 'unexposed' tiles surrounding them. This partial exposure to sunlight may cause a temporary rise/bowing of the tiles exposed. Once the sun has gone out, the window shaded or the garage door closed, those effected tiles will quickly return to normal.

Can I turn my vehicle on my Dynotile floor?

We would strongly advise that with all vehicles, the steering wheel is not turned when the vehicle is stationary - turning the steering wheel whilst stationary (especially with larger, heavy vehicles featuring wide, grippy tyres) could lead to tiles unlocking from each other and require reconnecting. We would recommend that when using Dynotile on any garage floor that the vehicle enters/exits in a straighter line as possible.