Care & Maintenance

How do I keep the floor looking good and how do I remove tiles if needed?

Day-to-day maintenance is performed by sweeping with a soft broom and spot cleaning any stains or marks. Solvent-based solutions can be used to clean stubborn areas without harming the flooring. Occasional mopping with a water and degreaser solution will also help to keep the floor looking its best. If necessary, to aid in separating the floor for removal, slide a broom handle under the floor at a joint, and slide it along the joint to separate the locks.

Can I use a car jack, hoist or bike stand on Dynotile?

In many cases these are fine but because there are so many varieties of jack or hoist, and weights of vehicle, we would always recommend a board is placed underneath to spread the concentrated load evenly over a wider area of floor before attempting to lift. The same applies to bike stands and any other machinery or furniture which transfers large amounts of weight through small areas of contact with the floor.

Can welding equipment be used above Dynotile floors? Or can other hot items be placed on them?

While the tiles have a wide working temperature range they are plastic so don't use using welding equipment over them. Also always take care when placing very hot items on or near them or when parking very low sports cars with hot exhausts on the floor as occasional deformation of the tiles can occur due to the heat. Usually this is only temporary and tiles will return to normal once they cool.