About Dynotile

What is Dynotile?

Dynotile is a durable floor tile with a sophisticated showroom tiling appearance that acts as a layer of insulation, keeping your feet and stored items away from the harsh properties of the concrete below. Dynotile gives a fresh, clean, stylish look to any room quickly and easily and provides homeowners with a long lasting, affordable custom floor.

Who is it designed for?

Dynotile is for people who enjoy a clean, organized, durable and innovative environment. Originally conceived to provide homeowners with a versatile, high quality, customised garage floor, Dynotile is also an excellent solution for the games room, home gym and basement.

What are the key benefits?

Dynotile is an easy to install tile, easy to clean and resists water, stains, chemicals, fire, and UV rays. It is also lightweight, yet durable and long-lasting, it requires minimal preparation making it a great temporary or permanent floor solution. Dynotile features a unique patent-pending design consisting of 'Overlock Technology' and honeycomb support structures. These support structures are strong enough to withstand the heaviest vehicle traffic yet still provide a comfortable, insulated floor with neat flush tile joints.

What colours do I have to choose from?

Dynotile is available from stock in eleven attractive colours:

- Obsidian black - Platinum silver - Slate grey - Arctic blue - Matador red - Toffee Brown

- Corona yellow - Mandarin orange - Ice white - Sahara beige - Racing Green

You can stick with one solid colour or you can mix and match as many colours as you'd like to get the exact custom floor you're looking for. Try your design before you buy - use Dynotile's handy online Floor Designer.

Plus on orders of over 500 Dynotiles (500sq.ft./50m2) - we'll even manufacture Dynotile to match any colour you wish, just contact us for further details (manufacturing lead times apply).

Customers should also consider the intended use for the flooring before deciding on a colour scheme. We would advise that the lighter Dynotile colours should be avoided in areas where they are likely to become stained with deposits of grease and oil.

What makes Dynotile better than other solutions such as an Epoxy coating?

Dynotile will not crack if the foundation cracks and it is easy to repair or replace if damaged. The installation process requires no surface preparation and is quick and odourless. Dynotile can also be removed or transferred at any time so if you move, you can take it with you. It won't stick to your tyres either when you've parked your car for a while after driving in the wet!